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About Me

     I am a mother of 5, and grandmother to 13.  I live in Central Texas.
     I love sharing my Young Living Oils.  

     I also love sewing, crocheting, camping, gardening and helping the kids at the Cherokee Home for Children thru a motorcycle event held each year in Johnson City, Texas.  Visit SassyGram Creations  to get your own Omni-Wipe Container!

   I have messed up my lower back about 6 years ago.  My daughter gave me a drop of peppermint and drop of panaway to apply to my back a few years ago. The pain diminished immediately! Sign me up!! I have been a Young Living Consultant ever since!

    I have been with Young Living since Deceber 2014.
Since using YL essential oils, I have been able to eliminate using OTC  products for my wellness.  Not only am I saving money but helping my body maintain with the pure oils that God provided for us. Removing chemicals and toxins and feeling so much better!

    What an exciting world to be in!!  I have learned so many wonderful thiings and met so many extrodinary people since that first drop of oil!
    Being a part of a 20+ year old billion dollar company has been the best decision I have ever made.  The oppurnity to have a home based buisness is excellent.

If you would like more information email me at [email protected]
or call or txt me at 512-556-5579

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